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YAML Validator is a free-to-use online developer tool that assists users in validating their config file. It mainly works by authenticating YAML data against the YAML specification.

YAML Validator online is user-friendly, and you can enter it yourself or browse a local YAML file on your device. After entering YAML, press the validate key to see if the input is logical. You should receive a success message if everything is okay. If not, errors will be produced along with line numbers and snippet codes so you can quickly rectify them.

The YAML Validator has no usage restrictions. So you can authenticate your configuration files as often as necessary!

What can you do with YAML Validator?

There are several things you can accomplish by utilizing the online YAML Validator, and they include the following:

What is YAML Validator for?

Data serialization

The validator is used in serializing data. This entails changing an object into a stream of bytes for easy saving and transmission.


You can apply the tool in configuring files in apps you mainly use in storing or conveying data. In this regard, most people use it in software applications and servers' config files.

Computing environments

YAML validator is used to conduct day-to-day activities in many computing environments. This is because it is simpler to read than other languages like XML and JSON.

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