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This free online tool helps convert special characters from XML code to their equivalent XML entities. Once escaping is done, everything else remains constant.

How does XML Escape tool work?

XML Escape is an easy tool to work with, converting plain XML data URLs to escape form. Follow the below procedure:

Alternatively, users can upload their plain XML file for conversion to escaped XML format.

XML Escape example

There are five XML escape characters. Below is the list and their escaped form:

Example of Input XML

<working with XML>
target 'integer'
"no man is limited"
James & John

Example of Escaped XML

&lt;working with XML&gt;      
target &apos;integer&apos;    
&quot;no man is limited&quot; 
James &amp; John            

XML Unescape

Unescape is simply the reverse of escape. The tool unescapes/reverses HML entities to plain XML form.

How does XML Unescape tool work?

To unescape XML online, do the following:

Alternatively, upload a plain XML file to unescape

XML Unescape example

The unescape XML entities are &, <, >, ", and '. Below are the XML entities and their unescaped form:

Here are a few examples you can refer to:

Input XML Unescaped XML
text editor>JSON editor text editor >JSON editor
banking & finance banking & finance
"'compact disk'format" "'compact disk format'"
2<4 2<4

Who is Escape/Unescape XML tool for?


Programmers, web designers, and statisticians will find the Escape/Unescape XML tool very useful. By removing "offending characters" that would be wrongfully interpreted, the tool helps professionals avoid common errors and mistakes.

Anyone else

Anyone else can also benefit by using this tool. The tools save time that would otherwise be incurred escaping and unescaping manually when working or learning XML.

Created by: martin


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