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A Word Counter is a tool that shows how many words, characters, lines, paragraphs, and pages you have written on your essay, report, book, article, etc. It is an easy-to-use free web-based tool that helps check words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs, so you don\'t have to do it manually.

How does the Word Counter tool work?

A Word Counter works in two ways. The first is where you type your words into a text box on the web tool. You can see how many words and characters you type as you text.

The second way is to copy your text from another program, say a word document and paste it into the Word Counter.

Why should you use an online Word Counter tool?

For convenience

The tool counts every word, character, line, and paragraph as you concentrate on the content. That saves you valuable time.

For accuracy

Sometimes you could be required to stay within word limits for your text. You can only be sure if you use a counting tool.

For accessibility from anywhere

A Word Counter only needs an internet connection to use it. You can access it from any device, making it convenient for any nomadic worker or writer on the go.

For working with multiple documents

Word Counter lets you add multiple documents, and the results are generated for each individually. That keeps you organized as you work on different areas.

For focus and motivation

Are you working on a challenging or long text? Counting text words, characters, sentences, etc., automatically can keep you focused. It also alerts you by setting a tangible goal on how much you should write next.

Who is the Word Counter tool for?

Writers and authors

Any writer/author aims for a specific number of words, sentences, or pages in an article, journal, book, etc. A Word Counter generator helps track progress. It can also check the content for any mistakes.


A student will find a Word Counter useful when writing assignments. It helps track the length of their written work, including the correctness.

Anyone else

Anyone writes at a particular time. It could be a letter, minutes, a report, or thank you note. A word frequency counter keeps you in check and helps you to stay on point when the word count is limited.

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