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What is a JSON converter?

A JSON converter is a tool that converts a value or object to or from JSON. The free online developer tool has customization options for interchanging JavaScript objects and JSON data.

Using JSON in JavaScript

You can use the JSON converter online to change JavaScript to JSON and vice versa. The simple process occurs in the following modes:

JavaScript to JSON converter

The function seamlessly changes Java objects to JSON data. Following the easy steps below to convert to JSON.

  1. While on this function, input a valid JavaScript object in the given text box

  2. Select your favored indentation level

  3. Click on the "Convert" function

  4. The results will be displayed in seconds

JSON to JavaScript converter

Conveniently converts JSON string to object Java. To do the conversion effortlessly:

  1. Add your JSON file or data to the given text box

  2. Select the indentation style

  3. Click "Convert"

Why use a JSON converter?

There are several reasons for using JSON:

For flexibility

Sometimes you may need to quickly and accurately shift between JSON and JavaScript depending on how you want to work with your data. A converter is a right tool to do that effortlessly, bringing convenience as you manipulate data between the two formats.

To enhance readability

JSON data comes in the form of strings or arrays that may be difficult to read or interpret. Even as an expert, you want to work with complex data effortlessly rather than interpret it every time. A converter for JSON data is the perfect tool to do that.

To make data responsive to a search request

A web server cannot recognize data in JSON form. You need it in HTTP or other protocols if you want it to be recognizable by the World Wide Web. A converter JSON online helps to make the text responsive to the user's requests on the internet.

No problem with the main programming languages

Are you using popular programming languages such as Python, PHP, C++, C#, or Java? No problem. These languages support JSON data interchange.

It is free and accessible anywhere

The JSON converter's beauty is that it is available for free online. Irrespective of where you are located, you need a tech device connected to the internet, and you access the tool.

How does a JSON converter work?

JSON online converter works simply:

  1. Open your JSON to JavaScript converter online function

  2. Enter your JSON strings into a text box given

  3. Alternatively, browse your JSON file from your computer or fetch the > data from an URL or API

  4. Now choose your preferred indentation level

  5. Hit the "Convert" button to get the converted results

  6. You can download the results to your device or copy it to a clipboard

Who is a JSON converter for?

Web developers

If you are a web developer, a JSON converter is needed. This is your best tool for converting from JSON and back when developing online. But how can you benefit from it?

As a developer, you can use JSON to make your website more interactive. Developers use JSON data and JavaScript interchanges to create sites that do not require reloading entire web pages. This is enabled by an "Update" or "Submit" click on the background that activates the web request. The best way to build a long-lasting user experience, right?

Data scientists

If you are a data scientist, you want every piece of data to count. JSON enables you to make structured data entries on any data you collect on a website. You can then use the converter tool to change the data to the form you like.


You do not need to be a professional to benefit from the converter for JSON text. The tool accelerates your understanding of the online file conversion in JSON and supported formats if you are a student.

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