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A color picker tool enables you to select different colors of visual components, such as content or shapes in a picture or a document. The tool simplifies the process of creating, fine-tuning, and experimenting with custom colors for the web. By using it, you will also have an easier time converting between different color formats that CSS supports. This is because most color pickers contain a property for identifying a color in a picture according to the hexadecimal or RGB values assigned.

It is worth noting that these tools can have different interfaces. While one online color picker tool may use buttons or sliders for color values, others may apply text boxes or direct manipulation. You will also notice that in most cases, a 2-dimensional square is utilized in creating a variety of color values that users can click on or choose using some other method. Color droppers, drag and drop, image links, and many other kinds of interfaces are commonly applied too. Generally speaking, a website color picker tool will flaunt color values using numbers. This makes it easy for users to remember the colors easily and key in them later.

How does a Color Picker tool select an exact color from an image?

Have you been browsing the internet and stumbled on the exact color you've longed to use in your project? Or have you found a picture that contains the ideal palette? A color picker from image can help you choose the correct shades for your project and fulfill your heart's desire. Just follow the simple steps below:

Upload your image with the necessary color

Once you have identified your ideal image, download it to your device. Next, locate the 'upload' button on your picker tool, press it, and select the picture you downloaded. Alternatively, insert the image's online link on the tab provided and press 'Go' to access its color codes.

Select and click the desired color on the image

At this point, an eyedropper will help you to choose a particular pixel from your computer screen, given that it allows you to read colors at specific points in a picture. After you click on the uploaded picture, the cursor will immediately change to an eyedropper. So, the eyedropper will show you the color the cursor is pointing to and the related HEX color value every time. When the color you want is shown, press on it, and the chosen object's color will change accordingly.

Who is a Color Picker for?


Color pickers are basically for illustrators, designers, and artists who often work with color palettes. The tools assist them in identifying color and color codes from pictures and formulating color palettes from images.


Upcoming organizations and business establishments who want to create a unique brand for their services and products also find color pickers useful.


Every person, including employees, internet users, students, etc., can use the color picker to design different projects.

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