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The docs describe the attributes available on the request object (from flask import request) during a request. In most common cases will be empty because it's used as a fallback:

from flask import request

@app.route('/', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def parse_request():
    # data is usuall empty
    data =
    # Contains the incoming request data as string in case it came with a mimetype Flask does not handle.
    # the key/value pairs in the URL query string
    # the key/value pairs in the body, from a HTML post form, or JavaScript request that isn't JSON encoded
    # the files in the body, which Flask keeps separate from form. HTML forms must use  enctype=multipart/form-data or files will not be uploaded.
    # combined args and form, preferring args if keys overlap
    # parsed JSON data. The request must have the application/json content type, or use request.get_json(force=True) to ignore the content
    # Json of the request (only if Content type is Application/Json

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