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A color palette refers to a mixture of different colors used when creating an interface. The colors normally blend well, providing uniformity in designs. If used correctly, color palettes can define the visual basis of your brand, retain consistency, and make the UI appealing and pleasant to use. Consider applying a color palette picker from to make effective advert material.

What is a color palette used for?

For brand differentiation

You can use it to set you apart from the competition. Having a color palette for your design allows you to create unique color combinations that define your brand. So, clients will be able to distinguish your product or services from those of competitors.

For brand aesthetics

These colors give meaning to your brand. As such, they help you create a visual hierarchy, describe emotions, and offer a cohesive appearance and feel.

Design efficiency

Color palettes also amplify design effectiveness. They achieve this by offering synchronized, standardized colors to select from.

How does a color palette work?

A color palette sets the tone of your design while portraying a message or triggering a psychological or emotional response from your audience.

HEX color system: what is it?

The HEX color system is a web of colors comprising a 24-bit color scheme. Red, green, and blue are represented as three-byte hexadecimal values that make up the first six digits of a HEX color. The hexadecimal number system categorizes every color between 00 and FF, and the three colors in RGB are blended to create a HEX color according to intensity. Finding the ideal color is simpler than you think. Use the HEX color picker online to find gorgeous colors and harmonies with the HEX codes.

What does a 3-digit HEX color code mean?

A 3-digit HEX color code is the shorthand edition for the 6-digit hex codes. To reduce a HEX color to 3 digits, the two HEX digits of each RGB color must share the same character. This means that you can only utilize the 3-digit hex code when the values of (RR, GG, and BB) are similar for every component. So, if you have #0000ff, you can condense it to #00f. However, it's impossible to shorten #f279b9.

How to apply HEX color in CSS codes?

A HEX color can be applied in CSS code in two ways; either as a background or an HTML element's font color. To achieve this, just add a HEX color after a CSS property. You can utilize the 3-digit HEX color code if it's possible to write the HEX color in shorthand in 3 digits. This will help to decrease the CSS file size, saving your website's page load time. Remember to use a HEX color palette, as it allows you to easily pick a color of your choice.

RGB color system: what is it?

RGB color system is an additive color model that focuses on mixing the red, green, and blue colors together in different quantities to create a broad range of colors. An RGB color picker has a range of colors to choose from, so it should be easy to generate your color combo. The major goal of the RGB color system is to sense, represent, and show pictures in electronic systems like computers and TVs, although conventional photography uses it.

How to apply RGB color in CSS codes?

Thanks to the built-in rgb function that CSS offers, users can apply an RGB color to a CSS property. However, the said function only accepts 3 parameters --- from 0 to 255 --- which represent the red, green, and blue values in the RGB system.

How to convert color HEX to RGB and RGB to HEX in JavaScript?

Converting HEX to RGB in JavaScript is a simple process. The first step entails importing the color-convert library in npm into your script. Next, utilize the rgb technique from the hex property to do the conversion. Eventually, you will get a collection of 3 integer values that stand for red, green, and blue in the RGB color system. Notably, using an RGB to HEX converter is advisable if you want to quicken the process.

When it comes to changing RGB to HEX, the same hex technique from the rgb property is applicable. Just enter the integer values between 0 and 255 in the 3 parameters. Consequently, a string value of the HEX color will be generated.

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